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Digital? Of Course!

But how?

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Individual Solutions and Advice

With Ador Digital and our experts in digital dentistry and dental technology, we know from experience what it takes to ensure a functioning and efficient process. Together we analyze your needs today, consider tomorrow's challenges and develop a suitable concept consisting of materials and equipment.

Digitization improves efficiency and increases productivity. Some traditional work steps even become redundant. Processes are accelerated right from the start to see more patients and value creation can be increased. Not least through new fields of application in your practice. The patient experience is improved because digital processes are less invasive, significantly more convenient, and communication with patients, dental technicians and fellow practitioners is simplified. This also optimizes treatment and prosthetic planning. Results are more predictable, and many indications can be placed in a few hours or on the same day.

  • Increased comfort and a better customer experience
  • Saving cost and time through increased efficiency
  •  Access to new appliances and
    value creation fields
  • Simplified planning, results are more predictable
  • Digital accuracy reduces manual errors and eliminates repetition
digitale Praxis

Increased acceptance for treatments and additional services

The convenience offered by a digital impression excites patients. The practice team has the opportunity to discuss a treatment path together with the patient directly on the screen. Use a growing number of simulation apps to engage your patients. Visualize treatments and, more importantly, possible outcomes, and gain patient acceptance for, for example, additional cosmetic services such as aligners, veneers or bleaching through new application areas in your practice. The patient experience is improved because digital processes are less invasive, significantly more comfortable. Communication with patients, dental technicians and fellow practitioners is simplified. This also optimizes treatment and prosthetic planning. 


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Envisiontec 3D Drucker

The Intraoral Scanner is the gateway to a wide range of growing applications. An ecosystem with flexible options where you decide where planning, design and production takes place. For example, outsource CAD planning and use 3D printing in-house to produce certain
indications or simply integrate your existing partners into the network. The Ador Digital team will be happy to advise you!

Our Solutions - Part of your digital workflow

We know dentistry - and digitization. So we know how to put together a digital solution that truly stands out and integrates seamlessly into your workflow. Browse our products or simply book a consultation with us and we'll help you find the right solution for you.

It all starts with a digital impression. The Intraoral Scanner simplifies and speeds up your workflow, provides more detailed data and opens up a world of possibilities for designing and manufacturing dental applications in-house. For patients, the Intraoral Scanner provides a fast and convenient scanning experience, reduced treatment times and overall better treatment outcomes. Together with easy-to-use patient apps, you can even simulate treatment to increase treatment acceptance.

Digital workflow for your crown- and bridge restaurations

Practices and laboratories alike benefit from digital workflows when it comes to designing and fabricating temporary or final restorations. More efficient processes offer time and cost savings. Digital scans also make results more accurate. The digital workflow begins with an intraoral scan by the practice team. The scan data is then imported into design software, where the restoration is planned and designed. The resulting restoration data is then produced using a milling machine or a 3D printer. All these steps form the digital workflow for crown and bridge restorations.

Advantages for Practices

Practices that manufacture crowns and bridges digitally benefit from many advantages - whether you work with a lab or choose in-house manufacturing:

  • Deisgns can be changed more easily and results are more predictable
  • Extreme reduction of production time due to fewer and faster steps
  • Design and manufacturing of easy cases is possible right away at your practice
  • Engaging the patient through visual communication tools enhances their tolerance to be treated

....and laboratorys!

The digital process also brings many advantages for laboratories:

  • Improved, more efficient communication between practitioner and technician
  • Direct check of scan quality and immediate start of work
  • Fewer steps in the manufacturing process compared to analogue production
  • Faster processing and less shipping costs

Digital workflow for your crown- and bridge restaurations

Digital scans provide more accurate results and a more efficient workflow. The digital workflow starts with an intraoral scan by the practice team. The scan data is then imported into design software, where the restoration is planned and designed. The resulting restoration data is then produced using a milling machine or a 3D printer. All these steps form the digital workflow for crown and bridge restorations.

Digital dentures

The fabrication of removable dentures is a time-consuming process. It requires a series of patient visits, preparations and fittings until a good fit, function and esthetics are achieved. Digitizing this complex area was previously considered a supreme discipline. But now, through a mixed impression technique, digital workflows can also produce the prosthetic area faster, with fewer clinical and laboratory steps, with a more precise result

Digital workflow for removable prosthetics

The ideal basis is the combination of an intraoral scan and the scan of a classic impression. Subsequently, the basic design and tooth set-up are made virtually in the CAD software. This impression can be produced directly in 3D printing. The result is not only more accurate, but also easier to fit directly. The patient can even take the fitting with him or her after the first treatment or wear it as a temporary denture. The final prosthesis can then either be milled in the practice or laboratory or printed as well.

Advantages for practitioners and patients

The biggest advantage for the practice is the time saved, as there are fewer clinical and laboratory steps in the entire manufacturing process. Optimizations can be made at any time and every change can be recorded, reproduced and viewed. Your patients will be delighted with the smooth process and the fact that they receive their first optimal restoration on the same day. The workflow for digital dentures is possible for immediate, complete and clasp dentures as well as for the reproduction of existing restorations.

For the production there are different processes which can also be combined with each other:

3D printed base and teeth
3d printed base and milled teeth
pre-manufactured teeth and milled base
milled monoblock and manual veneering of the teeth
milled base and teeth


Benefit from the competent Ador Digital network here as well. A design service offers you full flexibility and allows you to outsource time-consuming design steps or also to absorb work peaks. At the same time, you retain control over costs and treatment quality. Production - whether printed or milled - can be carried out in-house or outsourced to third-party manufacturers, depending on your needs. Together with you, we will find the right partners for all indications.

Digital workflow for tooth position corrections with aligners and bleaching trays

During the first treatment, you take a digital impression of the patient's actual situation with the intraoral scanner. The scan data is imported into planning software, the feasibility is analyzed and a treatment proposal for position correction is created. The data from the treatment proposal can then be easily shared, providing full flexibility for the fabrication of the corrective splints. Models and splints can be manufactured decentrally at a service provider, your laboratory or directly in the practice.

Save up to 50% by producing at your own practice

Clear aligners have revolutionized orthodontic treatments. With the previous solution, manufacturing was outsourced to third-party providers at a high cost to the practice and patient. With dedicated planning partners, you can reduce the cost of manufacturing clear aligners by up to 50% by using your intraoral scanner and 3D printer yourself. This means you can offer your patients a faster and more cost-effective solution.

Digital X-ray machine

Digital imaging via DVT continues to be an important building block in the
Diagnostics and planning. Through our partners in the expert network, we offer suitable digital 2D and 3D X-ray equipment for your dental practice. The advantage over analog X-rays is the significantly reduced radiation dose. In addition, you benefit from greater flexibility, as the digital images are directly available and can be viewed. With DVT X-rays, a detailed, high-resolution image of the jaws, temporomandibular joints and tooth structure can be created. With a DVT scanner, you have the ability to image teeth and surrounding bone in three dimensions and share them with fellow practitioners or continue to use them directly in planning and design software. You thus offer the patient improved diagnostics and thus more precision in treatment.

Milling machine

Whether you are looking for a solution for dry milling of zirconia or wet milling of highly esthetic glass-ceramics and composites, a milling machine helps you produce high-quality restorations as part of the digital workflow. With a milling machine, you can produce single-piece restorations to full-arch impressions or digital dentures with high accuracy and quality. Today's technology allows you to streamline your processes, expand your business and offer new products and services to your customers. Are you unsure which milling machine is right for you? We will be happy to advise you!

EnvisionTec D4K Pro

Devices for dental 3D printing

3D printing technology is revolutionizing the dental industry. It gives you the ability to custom print a wide variety of indications and biocompatible materials. Thanks to high printing accuracy and efficient internal workflows, results can be delivered faster and with improved accuracy of fit - often on the same day. The right 3D printer and materials will help grow your business by introducing time-saving workflows for prosthetics and orthodontics. Ador Digital is the partner for reliable materials and equipment for practice, lab or centralized manufacturing. No experiments - but proven solutions for an efficient and profitable production process.

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