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CLEAN AND EASY - directly from the printer to the cleaning unit!

Solutions for Dental 3D Printing

On the trail of digitalization with adorprint, because 3D printing technology is revolutionizing the dental industry. It gives you the möAbility to print a wide variety of indications and biocompatible materials. Thanks to the high printing accuracy and efficient applications, theöresults can be delivered faster and with improved accuracy of fit - often on the same day.

The right 3D printer and materials will help grow your business by introducing more time-saving workflows for prosthetics and orthodontics.

AdorPrint is your partner for all aspects of dental 3D printing. With us, you will find reliable materials and equipment for the practice, the laboratory or central production. Together we analyze your needs today, consider tomorrow's challenges and develop your suitable concept.

innovativeöSolutions from Germany. great Quality. Competent. Just so that you can Print better.öThats what we are committed to!


adorprint Ackquretta Dentiq

The DENTIQ is a high-precision 3D printer designed for practice and laboratory.
Equipped with automatic calibration and 100+ validated materials, the DENTIQ impresses with its simple operation and high accuracy for both beginners and experienced 3D printing users. Remote maintenance, easy replacement of components and a two-year warranty make the DENTIQ a reliable companion in digital dental technology.

The 3D Desktop Printer with the best 4k resolution

The D4K Pro from EnvisionTEC offers high printing speed and delivers extremely accurate parts with fine details. It is based on an industrial 4K DLP projector which guarantees stable performance for years. In addition, the D4K is compatible with all EnvisionTEC DLP dental resins, providing essential solutions for a wide range of applications - from models to complete dentures and everything in between.

Designed for the dental office and laboratory, the D4K Pro is the latest solution in the dental industry from the inventors of DLP printing technology. Since 2003, EnvisionTEC has led the way in dental 3D printing with equipment and material innovations that have revolutionized the dental industry.

They leave an imprint - ADORPRINT 3D Resins

The innovative product line of ADORPRINT pressure resins is based on many years of expertise in the development and manufacture of dental, light-curing high-performance polymers. Modern technologies and close cooperation with universities and institutes result in scientific and medical know-how that is directly incorporated into the products. This results in trend-setting materials for technical progress in dental practices and laboratories.

Tailor-made for easy and safe application. So you save time and always get the best results for reliable production.

adorprint new resins


Thorough cleaning and controlled UV curing of the printed objects have a great influence on the surface and precision of the printed objects.

COMFORTCLEAN Cleaning unit

Residues of non-cured resin must be removed after printing. When handling with classic cleaning methods, contact with the sticky and irritating resins on hands and work surfaces can hardly be avoided. ComfortClean enables convenient and clean handling from now on. In the two-stage cleaning process, an effective 90% of resin residues are removed from the objects and the printing platform.

ComfortClean – Dualtank Wascheinheit für 3D-Druckobjekte

Simple and versatile - Traydex 18

TRAYDEX 18 is a broadband LED UV light curing device specifically designed for dental applications.

Individual trays or registration bases made of plate material or produced in 3D printing can be completely cured in a controlled manner. The LED technology is completely maintenance-free. A robust and professional companion for practice and laboratory.

adorprint UV-Lichthärtegerät Traydex 18

TRAYDEX 45 - LED light curing device

UV end polymerization in 3D printing has a decisive influence on the quality of the printed objects. Correct polymerization affects strength, surface hardness, dimensional stability and freedom from stress. TRAYDEX 45 offers flexible adjustment options for optimal adaptation to a wide range of materials and print objects.

TRAYDEX 45 LED-Lichthärtegerät
LED-Lichthärtegerät PRODEX NT

PRODEX NT - LED light curing unit with inert gas atmosphere

UV end polymerization in 3D printing has a decisive influence on the quality of the printed objects. Correct polymerization affects strength, surface hardness, dimensional fidelity and freedom from stress. Compared to the TRAYDEX 45, the exposure chamber of the PRODEX NT can be flooded with nitrogen N2. The connection is easily made via a quick coupling. A better surface quality is achieved due to the inert gas atmosphere. The compact multi-talent PRODEX NT offers flexible setting options for optimum adaptation to a wide range of materials and print objects.

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