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Your start in digital impression taking

Carestream intraoral scanners are among the most advanced scanners on the market. High speed, wireless scanning and intuitive design make Carestream the perfect choice for any dentist.

 High scanning speed

Design at the highest level

Compact lightweight


Freedom within reach - ein wireless intraoral scanner with powerful experience.
The CS 3800 offers toothäThe doctors have a very goodäncially new experience in the creation of digital
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High scanning speed

Fast and smooth scanning thanks to a large and deep field of view

Compact lightweight

One of the lightest and most compact intraoral scanners on the market


No restrictions at all

Powerful, wireless intraoral scanner for optimal mobility and a seamless user experience

Motion control

Full control of the intraoral application options directly on the cordless handpiece


Smarter scanning. Smoother. Faster. Open.
The CS 3600 offers you präzise, accurate 3D scanning in full HD color.

High scanning speed

Continuous scanning at high speed

intuitive user interface

With step-by-step instructions & anti-fog technology


Scan data history

Easily remove excess scanned tissue for even more accurate digital impressions

Many possibilities

The wide range of applications is supported by dedicated workflows for restorations, orthodontics and restorations with implants.

Intraoral scanners save time and money

Intraoral scanners are the fastest and most accurate way to take digital impressions of your patient's mouth. They provide a complete digital workflow for every step in your dental practice, from impression to treatment.

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