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OUR laboratory supplies

The trained Dental technician both in the past and today are real Craftsman and Experts. With the most modern, but also tried and tested conventional methods, a dental laboratory produces what the patient's heart desires, reliably and of the finest quality. In order to maintain this reliability and quality, our customers place their trust in our expertise and selection of the best materials for the manufacture of our products and in the exquisite selection of our cooperation partners.

The Laboratory equipment varies with the type of facility and requires special requirements in terms of safety, cleanliness, availability of materials, tools and equipment.

We have the claim to offer our customers a selected product portfolio that enables the processing of every work step with high-quality products and makes constant searches on various portals unnecessary. Time is precious and you do not want to waste this time with pointless searches on the Internet. We take over the quality check of the right materials for you and offer you a select product portfolio of which we are convinced.

Don't waste time and find what you need. We have created a product portfolio for you tailored to your workflow because your time is important to us. We deal with constantly expanding and changing processes and procedures and always offer you the best selection. Even if you get stuck, we offer you the best service on all our products.

Our top sellers

Spoon plates

Our tray plates consist of a hybrid composite base and are a light-curing tray material in the form of prefabricated maxillary base plates for the fabrication of torsionally rigid, individual impression trays, bite templates and other indications.

Dental sprays

Discover our wide range of dental sprays: Whether marking spray, removal of monomer residues, powder spray to compensate for optical differences, scan spray, anti-reflective spray or laser scanning cleaner - you will find it here!

Dental plates

We offer a wide and colorful selection of dental plates: base plates, counter plates and secondary plates. From our own brand and from the brand Cranial - quality you can feel! Also available in different colors.

Product worlds ceramic accessories

About HPdent

To be different, you can't just follow the status quo - you have to challenge it. We are a team of experienced industry experts and dental technology specialists. Our goal - to exceed your expectations with our product if possible. Our products come from practical experience. We are not just "some company that makes dental technology products". We know what we are talking about and speak the same language as you - dental!


Your specialist LABiONiQ offers a comprehensive range of innovative and reliable dental products that dental technicians and dentists worldwide use to put their passion for detail into practice. 

All products are continuously developed in close cooperation with dental technicians and dentists. The many years of experience and competence, coupled with the desire to learn, are used to constantly improve their dental products.