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For Miracle it takes two things: You and the right products.

Our mediwunder world stands for wonderfully high-quality products made in Germany at magical prices, so that you can conjure up a beautiful smile for your patients.

Whether Filling material, bite registration or temporary filling material - You don't have to look any longer, because we'll conjure up the right products for you to work wonders in your dental office.

Wonderful products for your dental practice? Made in Germany, of course.

mediwunder is a brand of Ador Edelmetalle GmbH.

mediwunder etching gel

Our mediwunder etching gel is a thixotropic etching gel with 37% phosphoric acid. Thanks to an easy-to-use design, the syringe has a very thin needle that can be safely and accurately dispensed and applied to the desired site.

Mediwunder provisoir Luting cement

Mediwunder temporary cement is a eugenol-free cement in the paste/paste system for temporary luting of crowns, bridges, etc. - mediwunder temporary cement remains elastic and is easy to remove.

Mediwonder BONDING

Our mediwunder bonding is an adhesive used in the full etch technique (total-etch) that provides excellent adhesion to dentin and enamel. It provides a strong bond between composite and tooth. The material has a good flow consistency, is easy to use and also adheres to glass ionomer underfillings.