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MiiCraft 4K Dental 3D Printer Prime 150

The PRIME 150 3D printer from MIICRAFT is the ideal solution for printing dental products. Due to the high performance of the DLP projector, it is also possible to print parts at an impressive speed. Furthermore, we offer the MIICRAFT Prime 150 with an open material system. We have tested different materials on the unit for you and selected the - in our opinion - ideal resins. If you still want to try out other resins, this option is also open to you thanks to the open material system. Despite the large setting options of the MIICRAFT Prime 150, the 3D printer offers you simple handling, which is also easy to master in everyday laboratory work.


  • 4K DLP projector
  • Open material system
  • Cheap spare parts
  • Open data format STL / OBJ / SLC
  • 385 or 405 nm wavelengths (standard with 385 nm)
  • 55um resolution in X/Y
  • Possible Z resolution: 5um to 500um
  • Touchscreen operation
  • LAN/W-LAN or USB control
  • Intelligent light control and automated readjustment
  • Panel size: 150 x 84.5 x 120mm (LBH)
  • Print speed up to 4cm/h
  • Easy build platform and tray changeover
  • Door contact protection


The 4K DLP projector has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 or 2712 x 1528 (Native). This allows you to achieve excellent and detailed printing results. In addition, the high performance of the projector allows rapid printing speeds to be achieved. With the Prime 150, even time bottlenecks in the daily laboratory routine can be mastered.


Many printer suppliers either offer entirely closed material systems or these are only open with additional costs. The MIICRAFT Prime 150 has an open material system. This means for you: If you like another material better than the resins available from us. No problem. You decide on the material. However, please observe the legal requirements for the manufacture of medical devices. For further information, please contact us by phone or go to the menu item "Know-How".


The dental resins we offer for the production of medical devices (drilling templates, splints, individual trays, etc.) are all thoroughly tested and validated. What this means for you is that you can integrate the printer with the materials into your process in compliance with the MDR.


The build volume is 150mm X 84.5mm X 120mm (LBH). Up to 5 models lying and 12 models standing can be printed in one print run. We deliberately looked for a printer for our product portfolio that does not have a "giant platform". This has the following reasons:

  1. Speed: The high-performance projector enables very fast printing processes. Therefore, this size is sufficient for most laboratories.
  2. Cost saving: Regularly you use the printer not only for models. Means: You print different indications with different materials.
  3. Print quality: but this is elementary for dental technology, so the quality is above the size of the build platform.


The MIICRAFT Prime 150 3D printer features calibration automation. Unlike many other devices, this eliminates the need for manual adjustment of the build platform. In addition, the 4K DLP projector has automatic monitoring of the light unit, controlling the light output. Since the 3D printer has this feature, consistent printing results at a high level are ensured.


As with all printers, the resin tray and the foil are parts that have to be replaced from time to time. However, thanks to a built-in swivel axis, the dental components are pulled out of the material tank very gently and without distortion (Low Peeling Force Tank). This increases the service life of the foil.


You have the choice between several slicer programs (CAM), which are included in the scope of delivery. The 3D printer is controlled via your Lan/W-Lan or via USB.


The dental printer is available in two versions. Once with a wavelength of 385nm and once with a wavelength of 405nm. We recommend the 3D printer with a wavelength of 385nm, which is why the printer is supplied as standard. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to answer them by phone.

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