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Polymers PMMA/Trilor

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HPDent InfinityTemp
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Techno-polymer Trilor

For esthetic, implant-supported long-term restorations!

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High-performance polymers from HPdent for innovative CAD/CAM prosthetics

PMMA InfinityTemp
PMMA Cleartemp Hochleistungspolymer

PMMA Multilayer InfinityTemp and Cleartemp

  • InfinityLayer® - translucency gradient without discernible layers
  • Superior aesthetics in the blink of an eye
  • Easy to mill and polish
  • Approval for a wearing time of 3 years
  • Ø 98,5 and Ø 95 - height 16mm / 20mm
  • Fair price
Technical features
E-modulus> 2.300 Mpa   
Bending strength≥ 120 Mpa   
Density≥ 1.17 g/cm3   
Vickers hardness (0.05/10)
≥ 200   
Water absorption≤ 20 µg/mm3   
Water solubility≤ 0.8 µg/mm3   
Residual monomer content< 0.5 %   
Impact resistance (Charpy/Izod)> 13 / 1.3 KJ/m2   

TRILOR High-Performance

  • Thermoset matrix (epoxy) with cross-woven glass fiber reinforcement
  • For esthetic, implant-supported long-term restorations
  • Extra-light, enormously stable frameworks and substructures for ZrO2, Li-silicates, polymers and composites.
  • Characteristics of natural bone make TriLor™ the ideal metal-free restoration form
Technical features
Tensile strength380 Mpa   
Bending strength540 Mpa   
Tensile elogation
E-modulus26 GPa   
Compressive strength530 MPa   
Charpy notched impact strength
300 KJ/cm2   
Shore D hardness
Density1.8 g/cm3   
Water absorption< 0.05 %   
Pmma Trilor

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