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Gold-reduced multi-purpose alloy

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Type: Gold-reduced precious metal alloy on the gold basis intended for metal-ceramic dentures or for dental casting alloy, type 4 (extra hard) 

acc. DIN EN ISO 22674

Colour: yellow
Applicable scope: Inlays, Onlays
Small bridges
Bridges of any physiological span
Milling, cone and attachment works 
Modeling casting
Applicable for LCF
Composition: Au 55,00 In 4,00
(mass fraction in %) Pd 10,00 Zn 1,40
Ir 0,10 Sn 0,50
Ag 29,00
Technical specifications: Density in g/cm³ 13,7
Vickers hardness HV 5/30  as modeling alloy (s) 220 (a-s) 220
as bonding alloy (s) 220 (n) 230 (a-n) 250
Yield strength Rp0,2 in MPa as modeling alloy (s) 500 (a-s) 520
as bonding alloy (s) 500 (n) 530 (a-n) 580
Elongation at break in %  as modeling alloy (s) 4 (a-s) 6
as bonding alloy (s) 4 (n) 3 (a-n) 3
Average linear CTE 25 – 500 °C in 10-6 K-1 17,1
Average linear CTE 25 – 600 °C in 10-6 K-1 17,5
Elastic modulus in GPa 100
Melting interval in °C 960 – 1040
Processing: Preheating temp. of the casting moulds in °C 800
Casting temperature in °C 1190
Crucibles Graphite/ceramic
Curing   (a-s)               450°C/15min 
(a-n) 450°C/15min
Suitable solders: Joints before ceramic firing AL 920
Joints after ceramic firing AL 700 PF
Joints as modeling alloy AL 750

1) Brief description: 

     s – self-curing, n – after ceramic firing, a-s – curing from s condition

     a-n – curing from n condition

2) All information about cured condition is given according to the alloy:

     – Oxide firing 10min/ 960°C + 4x4min/ 960°C for yellow conventional bonding alloys

     – Oxide firing 10min/ 980°C + 4x4min/ 980°C for white conventional bonding alloys

     – Oxide firing 10min/ 800°C + 4x4min/ 800°C for LFC-systems

   Corresponding data are true under these conditions only.

3) The ceramic firing should be carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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