Calcident 450® Calcium hydroxide, 45%

2 ml per syringe

Suitable for direct and indirect pulp capping as well as for temporary root fillings.

16,56  - 38,40  excl. VAT


Calcident 450 is a water-based paste with a 45% calcium hydroxide content, which is recommended for direct and indirect pulp capping and temporary root canal fillings. Calcident 450 is radiopaque and has a pH value of 12, which is responsible for the antibacterial effect of the paste. Furthermore, Calcident 450 is biocompatible and gentle on the pulp. It is suitable for underfilling with all filling materials. Calcident 450 is available in the practical single-chamber syringe for easy application.


1 x 2 ml syringe, 2 x 2 ml syringes


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