Glass Liner® Light-curing glass-ionomer underfill material

2 ml per syringe

Suitable for underfillings, extended fissure sealing and the treatment of smaller lesions. In the vicinity of the pulp it is recommended to apply the Calcident 450 or Calcident LC as first.

16,08  - 34,80  excl. VAT


Glass Liner is a light-curing, flusible, radiopaque glass-ionomer underfill material. It can be used for underfillings with all restorative materials, for extended fissure sealing and for treatment of smaller lesions. Glass Liner is thixotropic and therefore convenient to use. The product also contains fluorides which remineralize the enamel.


1 x 2 ml syringe + cannula, 2 x 2 ml syringes + cannulas


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