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Social projects

ADOR engages itself

Rainer Koch, co-owner of Ador Edelmetalle GmbH, established the It's for Kids Foundation in 2000. Children are our future. They need not only love and security, but also our protection. As a fundraising organization for children, It's for Kids uses creative, active and monetary donations to help abused, neglected or otherwise disadvantaged children.

The idea was as simple as it was ingenious: in cooperation with dentists, old gold is collected and 100% of the recycling proceeds are spent on social projects for child protection. you can find further information at

"It's for Kids" is not a standalone sponsorship, it is a charity organisation which redirects monetary resources to various children's aid projects accross the whole Germany. We often add something to the collected amount through active or creative donations.

More information at

The child protection centres exist for more than 40 years. As a non-profit association they are represented by 36 institutions in 26 German cities. They offer neglected, mentally or physically exploited and/or sexually abused children and their parents direct help and support through active measures such as crisis intervention, counselling and prevention. At the same time, they are responsible for the further education and training of teachers in educational and aid facilities. 

Through the It's for Kids Foundation, Ador Edelmetalle has gained Komet, the world market leader in rotating dental instruments, as a strong partner.