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DMAX Blockbuster

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Exclusive impressions of our Blockbuster heroes DMAX Smart Multilayer!

Hello DMAX.

Not all zirconium oxide is the same. Unfortunately, this is difficult to recognize from the outside on the basis of a white disc. What matters is what is inside! Pure quality raw materials, a controlled manufacturing process coordinated with know-how and meticulous quality control ultimately lead to consistent millability, accuracy of fit and natural colors. Every time - again and again! 

Our partner DMAX Solutions from Korea is living for these principles paired with an incredible innovative strength. With a passionate team, the zirconium oxide manufacturer develops clever solutions that are one step ahead of the ever-changing challenges in the dental market by increasing effectiveness and quality. We are enthusiastic about this philosophy and the products - and you will be too! 

DMAX Hybrid


DMAX Hybrid is setting new standards in the laboratory. The innovative material stands for the highest aesthetics and quality for all indications: 

From single-tooth restorations to 14-unit bridges. Creativity and flexibility are retained, because DMAX Hybrid is compatible with all common processing techniques. As a true "all-rounder the DMAX Hybrid will increase profitability and efficiency in the laboratory.

Zirkonoxid Multilayer Hybrid
Zirkonoxid Multilayer alle Anwendungen

The Allrounder

As a „One-Disc-Solution“ the DMAX Hybrid meets all the requirements of modern zirconia restorations. It significantly reduces the need for material selection and increases efficiency in the daily laboratory routine. 

DMAX Hybrid - strength and translucency curve

Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, the combination of high-strength 3Y-TZP*. zirconium oxide and highly translucent 5Y-PSZ* are combined in a special process. Thus it creates a material that provides strength where it is needed and allows "antagonist-sparing" esthetics in functional areas. 

Zirkonoxid Multilayer Schichtengrafik

Balanced aesthetics and strength

The innovative filling technology for the two raw materials 3Y-TZP* and 5Y-PSZ* allows  a  stepless, layer-free color-,  Translucency and strength progression within the restoration.

49% translucency + 800 MPa strength through 5Y-PSZ* in the incisal area, where a high degree of tranlsucency and more gentle strength is indicated.

Transition zone: Stepless, shiftless transition 

43% translucency + 1,200 MPa strength through 3Y-TZP* in the cervical region, where emerging loads on the restorations are highest and very high strength and higher opacity for coverage are desired. 


indicational variety

Because of it's high stability the DMAX Hybrid covers all common indications. From single-tooth restorations to complete arch bridges and also allows reduced material layer thicknesses for substance-preserving preparations.


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New at ADOR Digital

Zircons from DMAX

Top quality zircons at an unbeatable price - mill with Ador now.

The Smart multilayer solution

DMAX Smart Multilayer is currently the smartest solution for an economical zirconia system.

Mulitlayer Restorations 16 A-D shades can be produced with only one zirconia round. This reduces the stockkeeping to a minimum, increases the flexibility and efficiency for the fabrication of restorations with a natural color gradient. The strength and translucency allow a wide range of indications (single tooth restoration up to the 14-unit bridge) with DMAX Smart Multilayer easy and economically produced 

Zirkonoxid Multilayer Smart

Simply dipped gradient

The DMAX Smart Multilayer consists of seven layers of white 4Y-TZP zirconia. During the dipping process, each of these layers absorbs different amounts of the  dyeing liquid. This results in a natural color gradient after sintering. 

The infiltration fluids are available in the 16 A-D colors. 

Further characterization is flexibly possible with the effect colors by brush technique.

Example 01

indicational variety

Because of it's high stability the DMAX Smart covers all common indications. From single-tooth restorations to complete arch bridges and also allows reduced material layer thicknesses for substance-preserving preparations.

DMAX ML-1100

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New at ADOR Digital

Multilayer ML-1100

State-of-the-art production lines, high quality raw materials and unbeatable price-performance ratio!

DMAX Multilayer - Safe solution

DMAX ML-1100 specializes in dental innovations. The zirconia manufactory from South Korea develops DMAX ML-1100 with the aim of coming extremely close to natural teeth and increasing the effectiveness and quality of the restorations. State-of-the-art production lines allow us to achieve an unbeatable price-performance ratio despite high-quality raw materials.


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